Entrepreneurship for Couples 6-Week Course

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This course – – will help you and your partner better understand the other's experience and develop a set of skills to survive and thrive in this type of relationship which has unique challenges. 

Being an entrepreneur, and living with an entrepreneur, are both difficult for entirely different reasons. Entrepreneurs tend to look at the world in a certain way, which can make it difficult to understand why their partner sees the world differently. Entrepreneurs respond to challenges and attack opportunities in ways that don't always translate well into personal/family challenges and opportunities. By gaining deeper empathy and understanding of both an entrepreneur's experience and a non-entrepreneur's experience, and practicing a new set of skills for communicating and supporting one another, couples can survive and thrive in this high-stress environment.

Strengthening Your Business's Most Important Partnership

Building a company from scratch is hard work and high risk. Even when both people in a relationship agree to go down that path, it is almost guaranteed that it will get tough somewhere along the way. 

How many of these sound familiar?

"Why can't you work as hard on fixing the sink as you do on your startup?"
"You've been working all week. The weekend is for our family taking a break... can you take a break?"
"Just because I am the boss, that doesn't mean I can slack off."
"When are you going to get a real job?"
"Why the &@*# are you working with those people? They are making you tough to be around."
"Honestly, I put our family stuff in front of my business way too often. If I had a real job, we couldn't do a lot the things we do."
"How much debt are we in again? I lost count."
"Don't worry, next month is going to be better, because [something about a new partnership / I met a VC last night / this new growth hack is totally going to work] !"
"How much longer are you going to keep playing around with your company?"
"Yes, I would rather be spending time with the family, but I have to get this done if you want us to be able to retire early."
"All I want is a little attention, but you're always staring at your computer."
"If something doesn't change we're headed for a divorce..."

These are all direct quotes from entrepreneur couples we have talked to.

Many of the things that work in a 'regular' relationship can't stand up to the stress of the entrepreneur lifestyle. And many of the things entrepreneurs do to will a company into existence won't work for keeping a relationship healthy.

We created this research-based course to help you understand the unique challenges of an entrepreneurial relationship and develop new habits and skills to strengthen your most important partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What topics will you cover?

  • Week 1: Building Empathy
  • Week 2: Understanding Emotions
  • Week 3: Communication
  • Week 4: Overcoming Conflict
  • Week 5: Stress & Risk Aversion
  • Week 6: Achieving Harmony

What is included?

  • Live 45 minutes of video content each week (will also be recorded)
  • Live 15 minutes of Q&A after each session
  • Weekly exercises and resources for you and your partner
  • Discussions around weekly exercises with members of the course
  • 1 hour personal coaching video session in week 6 or 7
  • Access to private Slack community for the course

What is the format of the course?

This is not one of those download-and-go-at-your-own-pace courses. The videos sessions are live each week, and you go through the cohort with the same group of people for the entire 6 weeks. And, each week we will discuss the exercises you and your partner are working on. There is accountability in the process itself.

Who is this course for?

This course will be particularly helpful for couples where only one person is an entrepreneur, since they have the most to learn about the other's experience. That said, the exercise and information will still be very helpful for couples working together or on separate businesses.

What about privacy?

We (Kim and Thomas) will have your non-anonymous purchase info. But that is confidential. When you create your profile for the course, you do not have to use your real name or disclose personal information.

What if we absolutely have to miss a week?

The weekly video sessions will be recorded. If you absolutely  to miss a week, you will be able to catch up. But, generally you should plan on participating in the live sessions each week. 

When do we get access to the course?

The next class begins the second week of November. On the morning of November 9th, you'll get access to the course website. The first week will be an introduction to the content and the group will select the best time for the next 6 weeks of live sessions.

Do my partner and I both have to buy the course?

No. The cost of the course covers both you and your partner. Once the person who purchases the course creates their account, we will create the second account for you.

Can I tell other people about this?

Absolutely! Here is the easiest link to share:

Or, just click here for a pre-written tweet that you can edit before posting.

I have another question

No problem! Send your questions to thomas@knollcoaching.com and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Available on January 11, 2016 at 2:00 PM

You'll get access to the website for the course.


Entrepreneurship for Couples 6-Week Course

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